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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Feeding Fallacies

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

There are many misconceptions about feeding dogs. Following are the truths to replace some of the common fallacies.

1. Different breeds don't need different food. A Chihuahua eats exactly the same food as a Great Dane.

2. It is NOT ABNORMAL for a dog to gulp his food. The stomach takes care of the digestion.

3. Dogs don't need to chew hard food or bones to keep their teeth in good condition. A well - balanced diet will keep their teeth sound and healthy. Chewing bones, however does help to keep the teeth tartar-free.

4. It is a fallacy to think that feeding a dog with raw meat will make him a better guard dog. Raw meat has nothing to do with it.

5. Dogs don't need raw meat, but thrive very well on cooked meat.

6. Dogs can digest starch as well as humans, provided the starch is cooked well. It is NOT HARMFUL to feed a dog with potatoes in proportion to the rest of the diet.

7. A normal amount of fat is REQUIRED in the dog's diet, particularly so in that of working dogs.

8. Sweets and chocolates are NOT DETRIMENTAL to the dog. They do not give worms or ruin the teeth. Actually SUGAR is an important part of a dog's diet and should be given occassionally.

9. Milk does not cause worms.

10.The addition of garlic does not eliminate worms. It may, however, increase the palatability of a bland diet. Turmeric acts as an antibiotic and should be added to the diet of the dog.

Raj Prateek Verma

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