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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The compulsive chaser

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs


Some dogs are compulsive chasers. They enjoy running after small children - barking at them or even intending to bite. Occasionally the child falls and hurts himself and is scared half to death. The more the child screams and the faster he runs, the more persistent the dog is in his chase.

The performance of the dog is the master's  responsibility. He might be legally subject to arrest and conviction for owning a dog which is a public nuisance.

Children : You must catch the dog at the beginning of this tendency. It is the best for the puppy to grow up with young kids so that they become fast friends. At the slightest suggestion of his chasing a child, even if the puppy is 3 or 4 months old, he MUST be punished.  Be STRICT with your dog. Keep close supervision over him.


  In training him not to run after children, take him out on a rope 30 to 50 feet long, and when he attempts to go after a child, jerk him back strongly so that it pulls him off his feet. You have to reprimand him severely and continuously. There should be constant supervision on your part when you allow the dog to play with children until he loses the desire to chase children.

Other Animals : The three most common objects of a dog chase are poultry, sheep and of course cats. The problem aggravates when the dog indulges in killing of other animals and gets the " taste of blood ". It then becomes extremely difficult to rehabilitate him. Most probably for the dog this is mere sports. He tends to enjoy his speed and dexterity with subsequent kill.

To train him not to attack and kill, you should make him familiar with the cattle and poultry right from his puppy stage. Again, close supervision is a must. Most of the dogs love to chase cats. This habit can be stopped if the dog grows up with with a kitten in the house. My personal experience with my Irish Setter shows this to be the effective method! They grew up to become the best of friends!!

There are many methods for curing the bloodthirsty habit. One method of curing a dog of killing chicken is to whip him over the head with the dead chicken and then tie the dead chicken around his neck until it practically rots off.

Cars  :  Car chasing is a sporting event for dogs; probably a primitive instinct which made them chase game for food. Nowadays chasing the big things on wheels is a substitute for the food finding instinct. Some breeds like the Collie are compulsive chasers , probably due to their herding instinct.

This habit is dangerous and can prove to be fatal if not checked at an early stage. One method of curing this habit is to get a friend who is a stranger to the dog drive by with a whip. As the dog approaches the car, he has to let him have it. Several sharp blows to the body should impress on him that there is pain associated with chasing cars.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

AGGRESSIVE DOGS               

Some dogs are downright bullies.They bully other dogs in the neighborhood and sometimes will try to scare and push people around too. This comes from their instinct to be the leader of the pack. There are usually several dog fights in the neighborhood before a leader is established. Some times the other fellow feels that he is still the leader and the fight goes on 

The male is generally larger and stronger and usually more aggressive, owing to the stimulus of male hormones. Females administered male hormones will become aggressive. Males who are castrated will become more peaceful and will try to avoid fights.

Male dogs seldom attack female dogs but there are exceptions; there are some quite ungentlemanly males!
Some females are vicious towards other females. Muzzling somewhat slows up aggressiveness because of the obvious handicap in a fight.

Breaking  up  a  dog   fight  :
When trying to part two fighting dogs, be extremely careful. Even though your dog loves you, in the heat of battle he might bite you severely. It is best to try to pull him off by his tail or his rear leg. Throw in a pail of cold water generally always works. It really dampens their spirits.

However, never, NEVER , put your hands near their heads or mouths.

Raj Prateek Verma

Thursday, 5 January 2012

NEUROTIC ROLE : The vicious dog

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs


Dogs aren't born vicious unless they are mentally unbalanced. The vicious dog isn't necessarily a nervous or neurotic dog. Usually his viciousness is a result of his early environment rather than being hereditary. Viciousness per se is rare; animal acts of violence are rare. It is not inborn for a dog to fight without provocation - to fight for his life, his mate, his possessions, his young or his human family.

Even German shepherds and Dobermans trained for guard duty or for armed forced  services have to be taught to attack, and some of them can't be induced to bite, regardless of training.

When dogs run in packs, they tend to revert to the call of the wild and become vicious. One way of reducing the risk of your pet becoming wild and vicious is to keep it from joining the pack. With security in numbers, dogs have much bravado and will attack other animals and even humans. Such dogs are dangerous.

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