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Friday, 30 September 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs                         


As the puppy becomes a young dog, as he matures he will bark. The first bark of the puppy turning into a matured dog is astonishing and a matter of pride for the master. The master would love to hear it, to feel that he is now having a full-size dog about which the strangers and encroachers will be afraid of.

However, this situation i.e. the phenomena of barking at the slightest of provocation, becomes a nuisance for the family and the neigbhourhood, if not checked in time.

Barking is a bad habit that starts early. The first stage of barking is whining. Whining is a sing-song stage of barking the puppy uses as a way of nagging complaining. It is a sound which falls short of crying
Sometimes the dog might be unhappy. The mother of the house who is the constant companion, has gone out shopping or is on a visit, leaving the dog alone. Now, the whining is a sympathy-winning sound, and the master is sometimes so distressed bearing this whining that far from stopping it, he gives in to the indulgence of the dog. He gives the dog things it is whining for. This is absolutely WRONG!! It will encourage the dog to get things done his way and later on this whining will turn into barking.

There are many neurotic dogs who love to bark; they are enchanted with the sound of their voices. The neurotic apartment-type dog barks from loneliness and boredom. He craves attention and wants everyone  to know he is there. Every time he hears someone in the hall, or sees someone outside the window, he barks to let the world know that he is a member of the family and also its protector. Every dog has the protective instinct of a guard dog, even if he's not trained for it.

Continuous barking is a social inconvenience and has to be curtailed at all costs. The worst offender is the night barker. This dog probably has slept  all day and is coming alive when the master and the whole of the neigbhourhood is about to retire.


1. Barking habit is best corrected in the puppy stage before it becomes embedded permanently. A stern 'NO' every time the puppy starts to whine will curb this habit. If you sincerely love your dog, you will not give in to his indulgence. You have to be STRICT with him.

2. Dogs bark because they crave for your companionship. Try spending more time with them when you are home.

3. If your dog barks only when you are away, sneak back to catch him at it and punish him so he'll be able to associate his barking with your disapproval.

4. There are comfortable muzzles which you can put on your dog to prevent him from barking. Muzzling is not a cure, but is an answer when it becomes imperative to stop him from barking. Sometimes a dog will associate the muzzle with punishment for his barking and will be cured.

5. Some vets advise administering female hormones to adult male dogs to suppress excessive barking.

6. Castration is a permanent cure. However, expert advice is needed before this is implemented.

Raj Prateek Verma

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