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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Venerated Dogs

America                : The Karok and Navaho Indians regarded the dog's close cousin, the coyote, as a great hero and divine benefactor known as the Fire Stealer. In Oregon the coyote inspired creative exploits, and on the Gulf Coast or the prairie wolf was the creative hero and chief supernatural being. The Tinneh Indians had a miraculous dog as their chief divine being: he could assume the form of a young handsome man and he became the first material of most things when he was torn to pieces by gaints.

Arabia                  : The Arabians thought so highly of their dogs that they were the first to give them medical attention. The Saluki was said to be the sacred gift of Allah.

Raj Prateek Verma

Classical Dogs

Horace                     :Satires II: The Tale of the Town Mouse and the CountryMouse'. . . . .when the lofty
                                   hall resounded with the baying of Molossian hounds.

Xenophon                 : Oeconomicus: : On farm management". . . . .and puppies too learn to do tricks

Virgil                         : Georgics III: Animal Husbandry in Africa and Scythia ' The african swain'. . . and
                                    Amyclaean dog'Classical dogs

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