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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs


George Washington

French staghounds given to him by General Marquis de Lafayette in 1786, with voices like'The bells of Moscow'.

Abraham Lincoln

his dog had a premonition of his assassination and went berserk at the White House; his sons had a yellow mongrel called FIDO.

Warren G. Harding

LADDIE, BOY, Airedale, and OH BOY, white English Bulldog.

Calvin Coolidge

DIANA OF WILDWOOD, Shetland Sheepdog renamed CALAMITY JANE, an Airedale LADDIE BUCK, half brother of Harding's Laddie Boy and renamed PAUL PRY, a white collie named ROB ROY and a white collie bitch PRUDENCE PRIM.

Herbert Hoover

KING TUT - A police dog.

Franklin D. Roosvelt

FALA, a Scottish terrier, and BLAZE, a bull mastiff belonging to the President's son. In January 1945 Blaze was shipped on an Air Transport Command flight from Washington to Los Angeles and given an 'A' priority rating as a VIP, which meant that three servicemen were denied their places on board and had to hitch hike across the continent. The press, the Republican and the senate made a great drama out of the incident. Later that year Blaze had furious fight with Fala, nearly killing the Scottie, and was put down.

Harry S. Truman 

MIKE, Irish setter.

Lyndon B. Johnson

HIM and HER, beagles, BLANCO a white collie, and YUKI the mongrel.

Richard M. Nixon

CHECKERS the cocker spaniel and KING TIMAHOE the Irish setter.

Gerald Ford

LIBERTY, golden retriever.

Ronald Reagan

LUCKY, sheepdog.                                                             

Raj Prateek Verma

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