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Thursday, 1 September 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

Many dogs are claimed to be able to talk, count, thought-read, read, predict and so on, and many of the stories could well be true. Here are some, true or not:

BERGANZA :was a fictional talking dog in Cervantes' Colloquy of the Dogs who told his life story to another watchdog. He joined a drummer to perform tricks and went on to become a comedian with a theatrical troupe.

BLITZ: was a 'talking' German Shepherd dog belonging to a school custodian in the Bronx. He would tell him"I want a hamburger' or 'want to go out' etc.

CHRIS THE WONDER DOG: Owned by George Wood in the 50s, was thoroughly researched. He responded to verbal questions by pawing his owner's arm, and could guess hidden symbols accurately.

GYP: A German Shepherd dog owned by Herbert Neff of Tennessee, left home in a huff when the family's second baby was born but returned without fail on Christmas day for the next ten years.

ROLF: was an Airedale from Mannheim who understood arithmetic and learned the letters of the alphabet. Using numbers to represent letters, he would tap out messages with his paw. He is said to have predicted an earthquake in 1912, and to have answered a woman who had asked what she could do for him by saying,'wag your tail.'

LOLA: was sired by ROLF the Airedale and used his method to predict the weather.

MR LUCKY: was a talking Boston terrier with a voice like a talking doll, thin and high, although his normal bark was deep.

PEPE : was a talking Chihuahua who 'sung' his words and who appeared on television several times in California.

PROFESSOR DUNCAN had a troupe of performing rough collies which acted out an elaborate routine: they were a fire brigade called to a burning house, where, while rescuing one of their number,  posing as a child, another one 'sacrificed his life' in the attempt, and the troupe buried him with full ceremony!

RAGS: was a part Scottie, part wire-haired terrier. He turned up in SING-SING prison in 1929 and remained there for 12 years (voluntarily). He performed tricks to cheer up the prisoners but ignored the warders and guards!! He was sensitive to depressed prisoners, and spent whole night with a potential suicide, growling at him to prevent him from hanging himself!

MISSIE: A Boston terrier predicted the times of certain events by moving the hands of a cardboard clock, and she indicated the time of her own death.

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