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Sunday, 11 September 2011


The m  ore I see of humans, The more I love Dogs RAMPUR HOUND

HISTORY :  RAMPUR was a small principality between Delhi and Meerut in Northern India before Independence. It was ruled by His Royal Highness, Ahmed Ali Khan Bahadur, who was a great sportsman and hunter. He desired a to develop a hound which had great stamina, endurance and speed. Apparently when the Afghans came to India in the 1760s, they brought their ferocious 'Tazis' along with them. The British found these dogs too deadly and brought in some obedient  English Greyhounds.

Under the patronage of Nawab of Rampur and some generations down the line, the Rampur Hound DNA took shape.

DESCRIPTION : A very powerful dog with enormous stamina. It was used by the rulers in tracking and hunting big games such as boars, bulls, deers, jackals, leopards etc. It has  very strong jaws with scissors bite.  The feet of Rampur Hound are are its most distinctive features . They have long, arched and webbed toes, with powerful claws. Such feet gives it a good cat-like grip and facilitates its speed too.

CHARACTER :  As Strong and ferocious as the TAZI yet as obedient and loyal as the GREY HOUND ! The climate of our country suits it better than any foreign breed. It can be more ferocious than a Boxer yet more gentle with children than a Golden Retriever.

HEIGHT :  Male : 60 - 75 cms (at withers)
                  Female: 55 - 60 cms( at withers)

COLOUR: May be black, brindle, fawn or white.

LENGTH:  From withers to base of tail is about 36", the chest is deep in front but not very wide. The hind legs are long, muscular and rather broad. The tail is carried low. It is long and tapering, slightly curving upwards. The front legs are long and straight.

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