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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

Some dogs shed all around the year. Sometimes, excessive shedding becomes a problem for house owners. The house is scattered with fallen hairs and it requires constant cleaning which becomes a very tedious and cumbersome task..

This constant shedding is normally observed in tropical and sub-tropical countries. Due to hot and dry conditions, the skin dries up resulting in shedding.  Dogs prone to excessive shedding need a lot of brushing.

Extra amount of fats and oils should be added in their food. For stubborn shedding, vinegar with glycerine should be rubbed into the coat before bathing the dog. In long coated dogs, the solution of vinegar with glycerine should be applied thoroughly and left for at least one hour before bathing the dog.

Raj Prateek Verma

How to house break a puppy?

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

It is very important for all owners to house- break a pup after it has been introduced to the household.
This ensures that the puppy becomes trained to carry out its routine affairs without being a nuisance. Of course, initially it needs a lot of patience and perseverance but the end results are worth it.

Make it a point to take him out at least every two hours. This schedule/timetable should be maintained at any cost. This is the first thing to be done in the morning, and repeated after every meal and just before bed at night apart from the regular outings at an interval of 2 hours.

When he errs, make him realize his mistake . A slight scolding or a light slap with a folded newspaper is enough. Remember, never hit your puppy hard. This will only make him timid and it might also get badly hurt. Most dogs catch on quickly. It hardly takes two to three months for a pup to be house trained.

Raj Prateek Verma

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