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Friday, 19 August 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

Why do dogs eat grass?

Nothing to worry about. Many dog owners get worked up when they see their pets eating grass. If your dog is eating grass regularly then probably the problem might be more serious. However, the common causes may be as follows:-

1. For the simple reason that they like the taste of fresh grass.
2. When they feel the need for a laxative or an emetic. Intake of grass irritates the stomach and induces                   
3. Worms in the intestines may be another reason for the dogs to eat grass.
4 Prolonged confinement and boredom can   also  be another reason for the dogs to eat grass.

Do dogs need salt in their diet?
No, dogs do not need salt in their diet. It is nauseating to a dog.

Is alcohol harmful to a dog?
No, alcohol in small amounts is not harmful and in some emergency cases, is life saving.

Are raw eggs harmful to a dog?
No, although the egg-white in raw state is difficult for a dog to digest  . It is advisable to feed a dog with hard boiled egg. I add a hard boiled egg to my dog's diet at least two to three days in a week. However, some dogs show allergy to eggs.At times ,  raw egg has proved to be a  life saver!

Is it harmful  to feed dogs with fatty meat?
No, dogs do need a little amount of fat in their food. This is even more true for working and guard dogs. But too much fat will result in obesity which is detrimental to health in the long run. All types of fat are beneficial to the dog provided given in moderate amount.

Should we give table scraps to our dogs?
Yes, table scraps provide that little extra that most dogs enjoy. A dog gets bored with the routine diet and adding table scraps to the food makes it more palatable. However, the habit of offering table scraps while we are eating should be avoided. This will encourage the dog to beg for food while we are eating and sometimes it becomes exceedingly irritating, especially when guests are at home.

When a dog seems sickly, should he be given worm pill?
Never, Never worm a sick dog. Many a times dogs running fever have died as a result of being administered a worm pill. Even if he has fever, he must be treated for the fever and sickness before being treated for worms. Since worm medicines are strong enough to kill worms, they can prove to be toxic to a sick dog.  

Can children get worms from dogs?
Definitely not.
Dogs don't have worms that are found in children. Humans are not susceptible to contamination by dog worms. Dog parasites will not live in a human body


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