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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

FREDERICK THE GREAT OF PRUSSIA  :  Carried an Italian greyhound everywhere with him., even into the battle, and he buried it himself, in the Palace garden at Berlin.

LOUIS XI OF FRANCE AND CHARLES I OF LORRAINE : passionate hunters with dogs.

LOUIS XIV : Great Pyrenean court dog known as 'The gentleman with the white fur'.


LOUIS XV : Truffle dogs.

12th CENTURY KING OF ULSTER :  offered six thousand cows for a Wolfhound called AIBE and fought a battle when his offer was declined.

15th CENTURY KING MATTHIAS I : used a Kuvasz for hunting wild boar.

16th CENTURY KING OF SPAIN  : Loved and kept Irish Wolfhounds.

CHINESE EMPEROR : AD 565 - Persian dog called CH'IN HU or Red Tiger, rode on front of Emperor's saddle.

KING SOLOMON : saluki called GIRT IN THE LOINS for coursing.

KING LOBENGUIA : 19th century Matabole chief - gave two hundred cattle for one Italian greyhound.

CHIEF M'TESA OF THE WAGANDA : Uganda- Described by Captain Speke as being accompanied by a white dog, a spear, a shield and a woman- the trappings of royalty because eight generations earlier a hunter called UGANDA came from Unyoro with a spear, shield, woman and pack of dogs and founded the kingdom of WAGANDA.

GREAT KHAN OF TARTARY : used to hunt with a pack of five thousand hounds.

DALAI LAMA OF TIBET : exchanged Lhasa apsos for Shih-tzus when visiting dignitaries came from China.

EMPERORS OF CHINA :  varieties of small spaniels like today's oriental spaniels kept only in the homes of royalty and court nobles; the court dog OKINAMARA had her troubles recorded in Lady Sei Shunagan's sketchbook, AD 991-1000

Hope you liked it.

Raj Prateek Verma

Friday, 4 November 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

Jumping : A very bad habit

Does your dog jump on guests when they visit you? Or does it jump on someone holding a plate? Well, this is a very bad habit the dog has cultivated and the you are to be blamed.  This bad habit if not checked in early stages might prove to be  hazardous. It usually starts from the puppy stage. The young puppy starts jumping for food. The owner finds it very amusing and instead of disapproving the puppy's behaviour, tends to encourage it. He doesn't seem to realize that this behaviour will cause a lot of embarrassment when guests
come calling.


1.  Food at all times :  If you feed your dog every time you or your family members are eating then you are causing serious damage to your dog. Loving your pet and spoiling it are two very different things. You as the owner, out of love might feed him  every time you sit on the table. The dog loves all this pampering and will whine or simply jump on you , begging for food. Imagine this happening to your guests! How embarrassing it will be!

How to stop this habit?

To stop jumping every time someone is having food, is to control giving food. The master as well the members of the family should feed the dog only at fixed hours. To train and discipline a dog in this and to teach him manners, never play with him with his food. The training should start at the puppy stage. Whenever the puppy tries to jump on you or on your family  members, he should be reprimanded mildly. That is to say, a stern NO or a mild slap should be enough to make the pup understand that his behaviour is not accepted.

Please remember too many people  shouting' NO 'to the puppy will only scare and confuse him. The order should come from the the master of the house or in his absence, from the lady or the elder son. This way the puppy will easily grasp the discipline of the house.

2. Showing love and affection : The puppy jumps on his master as soon as he returns from work. This is simply an exhibition of his love  towards his master. It is a way of welcoming his master home. The master surely enjoys all this and cuddles his pet little realizing the fact that the seed of indiscipline is being sown. This sweet, loving puppy will grow up one day into a huge, burly dog carrying this habit into his adult hood. He will jump on everyone as soon as the front door is opened. Can you imagine the plight of visitor who is faced with the daunting task of looking into the face of a huge brute breathing down his neck? No, this habit has to be stopped  at all costs otherwise you may find your friends avoiding a visit to your place.

If you love your pet, you should be strict with him in order to train him so that he becomes a disciplined dog, loved and admired by all. Dogs with bad habits become a nuisance and are not acceptable in the society.

Raj Prateek Verma

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