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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs


AFGHAN HOUNDS - twists and turns and can leap like a monkey.

IBIZAN HOUND - can jump high from a standstill.

OLD ENGLISH SHEEP DOG - very agile at speed.

PHARAOH HOUND - very lithe and agile.

POINTER - Athletic.

GREYHOUND - takes the prize most of the times. It is the 18th fastest land mammal in the world, reaching 70 kmph. Among dogs it is the fastest breed in the world for distances upto half a mile, after which it can be passed by a WHIPPET. The top speed is of course the peak speed in a sprint and cannot be maintained for long, but an average of 67 kmph has been recorded  over 375 metres. Some of the popular winners from the past are:

1. Chief Pilot  covered 600 metres at a rate of 38 mph in Australia, maintaining a speed of 38.5 mph over the first 440 yards.

2. Master Magrath celebrated courser owned by Lord Lurgan, raced from 1867 to 1873 , was beaten only once, won the Waterloo Cup three times in succession.

3. Mick The Miller born in 1926, winner of the Derby twice then won ten consecutive races.

4.Pigalle Wonder:  480 metres in 28.4 seconds in Derby heats, and he also broke 29 seconds and many records.

5. Trevs Perfection won the English Greyhound Derby in 28.96 seconds over a distance of 536 yards, averaging 37.1 mph.

WHIPPET - better than a greyhound at maintaining speed if the distance is more than half a mile, but was bred for snap trails where its remarkable acceleration was fully tested. A time of 12 seconds over 200 yards is not unusual ( a trained human athlete  might do a 100 yards in 10 seconds and a fast race horse's speed over one and a half miles would be a fraction of a second slower than the sprinting whippet's. A speed of 56.8 km/hr over 200 yards has been recorded for a whippet.

SALUKI - slightly faster than the AFGHAN. 43 mph has been claimed, and one was said to have been  paced by a car travelling at 55 mph.

Raj Prateek Verma

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