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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

There are many queries that a new dog owner has in his mind and finds it difficult to get the answers. I have tried to list a few of them which I too had in the beginning. I hope the readers will find them to be useful.

How many meals can a dog miss without becoming ill?

If my dog misses two to three meals, it rings a warning bell in my mind. I try to find the cause and immediately consult a vet before it gets too late.

Do all dogs need vitamin supplements?

No, adult and healthy dogs hardly need any vitamin supplements. However, it is imperative to provide them with a healthy and balanced diet which will help in retaining their health and vigour.
Vitamin supplements are mandatory for the following:-
1. Growing puppies.
2.Pregnant and lactating bitches.
3Convalescing dogs.
4.Old dogs.

Large amount of calcium or other minerals cause hip dysplasia.

No, hip dysplasia is congenital defect. it is a widespread fallacy that diet supplements cause this abnormality.

Is poor appetite always a sign of illness?

Not always. Many dogs are very finicky about their food. if the dog is emotionally disturbed, it might refuse to eat. Hand-fed dogs and  pampered dogs are sometimes very finicky. My collie was over pampered by my mother and refused to eat unless and until he was hand-fed by her. Such habits should not be encouraged as they pose a big problem later on.

Potatoes are harmful to the dog.

Again a wide spread fallacy. Potatoes are not harmful or poisonous for dogs. Dogs do need a moderate amount of starch in their diet and can easily digest them.

Are bones essential to a dog?

No, bones are not essential for good health of a dog. At the most, it may help the dog to be busy for some time. Of course, it does help in removing tartar from the teeth. However, certain bones, such as chicken, lamb,pork etc. are dangerous as they tend to splinter and can puncture the intestine.

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