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Monday, 3 October 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs    

Dogs make many different vocal sounds with various meanings. Below is a list of the main ones. All other dogs understand them quite easily! The same cannot be said of owners.

Barking :

The type of bark corresponds to some extent to the breed to which the dog belongs; but it is also, in some measure, individual and peculiar to each dog. A trained ear can, for example, tell whether a bark comes from Setter or a Boxer, male or a female. The tone of the bark is more or less hereditary. Each individual owner can recognize the bark of his own dog and can attach a dozen or so meanings to it: a warning that strangers are approaching, or a strange animal  is present, greeting members of the family returning home, playing with the child or friend, challenging passing dogs, expressing fear because of danger, asking for food or water (whimpering) etc.

There are dogs given to barking, such as Terriers, and taciturn dogs such as Greyhounds, and dogs that do not bark at all such as Basenjis; there are howling or yelping dogs such as hounds, and excellent at warning such as Pomeranians and Poodles.

Yelping :

A yelp is always a request for help, where it is uttered by puppies or adult dogs.


There is the playful growl (short and distinct) and the threatening growl (prolonged, hostile, menacing, hoarse and deep) . A dog may sometimes grind its teeth when it growls.


This is a sign of pain or injury and may also be a form of protest or a request.

Yapping :

This is forceful, hostile and prolonged barking, often to be heard in the country at night.


This is a sort of moaning sound, low in pitch and prolonged. It indicates a lack of well-being, discontent, impatience and is a plea for pity or attention. Sometimes it may be a sign of saying'Open the door,please', or "let us go home'.

Howling    :
A loud, sad noise, made by day or night, sometimes as a  reaction to music or to bell ringing. Other dogs tend to join in. In India, it is considered as a bad omen. It is common among some hounds and in pariahs.

Puffing ::

A sort of warning sneeze, a repressed bark with the mouth shut, the first indication that a stranger is approaching, or there is a suspicious noise somewhere; when a dog 'puffs' or snorts in this way, it will always aim its head at the source of the noise.

When a hunting dog makes various vocal sounds (depending on their breed and use), each of which has a meaning for the hunter. The same is true of dogs used for tracking human beings, for guarding and rescue.   work.


                               Happy Durga Puja

Raj Prateek Verma

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