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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Abdomen problems

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs


Abdomen tucked up  (Back hunched up)

If your dog has a tucked-up belly and hunched up back, walks slowly, then it is a sign of abdominal pain.
1. It might be due to constipation.
2. It might be due to foreign body impaction.
3. It might be due to severe case of worms.

Bloated abdomen

1. In case of bitches:

 a) Infection of uterus due to which pus accumulates in the uterus.
 b) Dead puppies in the uterus.

2. In general:

 a) Severe impaction from constipation.
 b) Tumors of the abdomen.
 c) In older dogs, enlargement of abdomen may be due to kidney problem.

Abdominal straining

If the dog is in distress while having a bowel movement and keeps on straining every few minutes, then the causes may be as follows:

a) Constipation
b) Diarrhoea . This causes severe irritation in the intestines.

Warning  :  If normal treatment for the above symptoms doesn't give relief and the animal is still straining, then the cause can be impaction with bones or a foreign body or a tumor in the intestine.

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