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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Intrepid Dogs

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

Is Thy servant a dog, that he should do this great thing??

Billy  : was afamous terrier who killed a hundred large rats in 5 minutes 60 seconds (in a pit) and later reduced his time by 22 seconds. When he was old with only two teeth left and one eye missing, the owner of a Berkshire bitch bet that his bitch would beat Billy's time on fifty rats. Billy achieved his full kill in 5 minutes and six seconds, but the bitch gave up after killing only thirty.

DOX  : was a German Shepherd dog detective in Italy and as clever as they come- he could untie knots, unload pistols, and remember a wanted man six years after the fugitive had eluded him. He competed in Europe's annual police dog competition and won the first prize in 1953, successfully defending it for several years against other famous dogs like REX of Scotland Yard and XORRO of Paris. Dox won four gold twenty seven silver medals. He had SEVEN BULLET -WOUND SCARS by the time he was 14 years old.

He saved a child from being run over by a car, tracked down a lost skier, kept TWELVE SUSPECTS AT BAY WITH RAISED ARMS UNTIL HELP ARRIVED, caught a BURGLAR AFTER A LONG CHASE WITH ONE OF HIS LEG S SHATTERED BY A BULLET, and was famous for SOLVING CRIMES all on his own.

JACK  : was a dalmatian, the mascot of Brooklyn,s Engine Company 105 in New York. He rolled a fallen child out of the way of the fire truck as it accelerated out of the station, and received a medal of valour.

NICK CARTER  :  was a Bloodhound whose tracking resulted in the conviction of more than six hundred criminals. He could pick up a trail four days old and could track a man on horseback.

TREP  : was a Golden Retriever trained as a sniffer dog to scent out illegal drugs. His owner was a police officer in Florida when he began to train the dog in 1973, and within two months Trep had sniffed out a haul of one and a half tons of hashish in the bulkheads of a sloop!!

The following year he found cocaine in a doll clutched by a young girl leaving a plane in Miami. By 1979 he was responsible for a HUNDRED ARRESTS AND THE RECOVERY OF NARCOTICS WORTH MORE THAN 63 MILLION DOLLARS. In GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS, Trep was given the task of detecting TEN hidden drugs packets at a demonstration in a school. He found all ELEVEN of them!!

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