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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mongrel as a pet.

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

I belong to India. Today I shall be writing about stray dogs found in abundance on the streets of every city, town and village.

I have been always impressed  with their ability to survive against all odds. They are very street smart, always alert for an opportunity to grab whatever food comes their way. I decided to adopt one and am thankful to my family for extending their wholehearted support to me in this endeavor of mine.

As a puppy they are the cutest, most adorable pet one can ever have. House breaking it was not a problem at all. I found he was intelligent and receptive enough to grasp my commands and try to follow it at an early age.

Sometimes, I felt he knew me better than I knew him!! Ever ready to please and draw our attention to him, his antics were constant source of amusement for us.

He grew up to become a very sturdy and robust dog! A favourite of kids, he was always there to play pranks with them, snatching away their ball or a pencil and then looking at them teasingly, expecting a nice chase.

I found that he required minimal grooming. Since he had very short hairs, an occasional brushing was enough to keep his coat in good condition. Bathing him once a week was sufficient to keep the 'doggie' odour within tolerable limit.

He made an excellent watch dog. It was interesting to  watch him as he began to assume protective custody of both the house he lived in and his human family.

These mongrels are easily trainable, very affectionate and not at all vicious or destructive in nature. They are generally  medium sized and a good companion. They are constantly yearning for praise and affection from their master.

The only problem I encountered with my pet was his habit of straying away from home. Many a times, he returned home after a gap of two to three days, sometimes badly mauled by other dogs. This habit became more dominant during the mating season. 

It was this straying habit of his that proved to be his nemesis. As usual, one day he left for his morning romp, never to return!

Our beloved friend had left us forever!

Raj Prateek Verma

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