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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Clash of Will

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

When it is a puppy the training may be easy because for one thing, the puppy is scared of you, his new environment and since you are his solace and security, he may try to learn what you may teach him. But when the puppy grows up and if the training is not conducted along right lines, the puppy by instinct differentiates between the stronger and weaker members of the family.

The family may be still worked up with love for the puppy who is no longer one but is breaking into youth. If the pup has grown into assertive animal, he will first try his scare on children. Harmless toddlers may be ignored, but his attention will be pinpointed particularly on growing boys and girls in the family. The kids may be bitten during play and when the story is reported to the master, he may tend to ignore it as he considers the dog to be  his loving pup who comes wagging his tail.

However, the dog's impudence, if unchecked, will become alarming and his circle of domination becomes bigger and bigger. The circle closes in for the ultimate confrontation, that with his master!! The master unknowingly tries to cower him down as he used to when the dog was a puppy, and is in for a shock!! The dog leaps on him and bites, not fatally maybe, but still bites!  The master might take it as a passing phase although he is humiliated and frightened at the dog's angry posture. He feels helpless as he is unable to hand out the punishment the dog deserves. But this is just the beginning! The dog feels his has just won a decisive victory. The CLASH OF WILL between the master and the dog has started!!!

The dog may still love his master, may still show devotion, but only at his own terms. The dog moves majestically in the house, without paying heed to command, without having any one standing in his way.

It is imperative that the  puppy is made to understand who is the boss of the house. The master should have mental strength and confidence in him to handle his dog properly right from his puppy days. The master has to be firm as well as caring to his pet so that the dog doesn't turn out to be a monster.

Raj PrateekVerma 

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