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Tuesday, 11 October 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

During the first 90 days after weaning there is rapid growth in the puppy and therefore the need for high amount of protein. The extra protein is needed to help the puppy to cope up with diseases and parasites.

The following is a typical feeding schedule for a medium size breed. It may be altered to suit the needs of a small size breed or large breed by comparison.

AGE :  TWO MONTHS    Wt:  6-8 pounds

Morning      :  5-6 tbsp. milk
              3-4tbsp. cereal or dog food
Noon          : 1-2 heaping tsp. raw ground meat or commercial canned or dry.

Afternoon    : Repeat morning feeding

Evening       : Repeat noon feeding

Bedtime      : 5-6 tbsp milk

AGE  : 3 Months        Wt : 10-15 pounds


Increase amounts according to puppy's growth and capacity. Gradually eliminate afternoon and bedtime feedings.

AGE  :  4 Months      Wt : 15-25 pounds


Morning   :  1/2 -1 cup of milk
                   4-8thsp. cereal or dog food

Noon      : 4-8 heaping thsp. raw ground meat or commercial canned or dry food.

Evening   : 4-8 thsp. meat or dog food
                 3-6 thsp. cooked mashed vegetables

AGE : 6 Months      Wt. : 25 - 30 pounds


Morning  :  11/2 cup milk , toast, cereal or dog dry food

Noon      :  1/2 -  1 cup meal or dog food mixed with cereal

Evening   :  1-2 cups meat, 1/2-1 cup of dog food, 1/2 cup vegetables

AGE : 8 months       Wt : about 30 pounds

Feeding :

Morning  : 11/2 cup milk, toast , cereals, dog food

Evening  : 2 cups meat, cereal or toast, vegetables or table scraps

AGE : 10 Months     Wt : 40-50 pounds

Feeding :

Morning :  Milk or cereal or dog food if it will eat. Some dislike having morning meal at this stage.

Evening :  3 cups meat or dog food and vegetables or table scraps

AGE : 12 Months     Wt : At maturity

Feeding :

Total amount of food in a day  :   1 - 1/2 pounds per day:
                                                       11/2 cups meat
                                                       11/2 cups cereal or dry dog food
                                                       11/2 cups vegetables or table scraps

The delicate digestive system of a puppy at weaning frequently requires a soft, bland diet before a regular adult diet can be tolerated. Baby foods and cereals are excellent.

Raw meat is more easily digested than cooked meat. Too much fat is not good for a puppy, although a small amount is an integral part of the diet. Through out the first year, vitamins and minerals should be a must for the puppy.

I had copied this chart from a book long time back and have religiously followed it whenever I have brought a new puppy home. I hope this information will provide some help to new owners.

Raj Prateek Verma



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