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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs                  

The biter is usually an animal who is aggressive. Some of these animals are neurotic, and anything that moves in front of them- motorcycle, bicycle, running child- they are sure to go after it. It's almost like a game to them- like attacking an enemy. As the dog usually has his reasons for biting, an attempt should be made to get at the root of the problem and try to correct it.

In most communities, a dog is allowed three bites and after the third one is put to sleep.

The bad habit is sometimes brought about by excessive roughness when the dog was a puppy. Some owners tend to play too roughly with their puppies- teasing them with their hands and feet. As the dog grows, his teeth become larger and his jaws stronger- this play  becomes more dangerous.

Corrective measures :

Biting should be corrected in the early stages before it gets deeply ingrained in the dog's mind. Obedience training is helpful in that the dog learns to follow his master's command. The punishment for biting should be a sharp slap across the muzzle to show him that his mouth and his biting are what you disapprove of.
You may use a rolled-up newspaper to spank him and punish him. Biting  is a reprehensible habit and should be dealt with promptly and sternly.

Castration will slow down extremely aggressive male dogs. This operation  takes away some of their aggressiveness but it will certainly not help a neurotic dog because he is panicky.

It is sometimes necessary to use a muzzle when turning the biting dog loose in the neigbhorhood. There are comfortable muzzles available in the market and such muzzles go a long way in saving a fine dog from being put to sleep.

Occasionally we see a dog who is incorrigible and can be classified as a canine criminal. No amount of training will correct his biting habit. Certainly such dogs are only fit for military or police work and don't fit in as a home pet. They cannot be trusted with children. They should be either given away or put to sleep.

If a dog is growling or barking at you, never try to run away from him. That would be disastrous. You should stand your ground, and more often than not he will leave you. If you run from him, he'll likely take after you and attack.

Raj Prateek Verma

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