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Thursday, 29 September 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

Labrador Retrievers :
Labrador Retrievers were originally fishermen's dogs. Their main task was to swim to and fom boats dragging nets and ropes.

Lundehund :

Lundehund is a Norwegian breed, specifically trained to retrieve puffin's nests, which are edible. The dog  climbs a cliff, puts the bird to flight, grabs the nest and brings it to its master. If it is working in caves, it can close its ears to keep out dripping water.

Nova Scotia Duck-tolling dog:

These dogs have one function: to excite the curiosity of wildfowl by creating a disturbance on the shore. In theory the ducks are so intrigued that they come and investigate, and the  wildfowler then takes aim. The natural reaction of wildfowl to any predator - e.g. a fox on the shore - is to swim towards it en masse: thus every bird is aware of the predator, which cannot hope to make a sneak and often slinks away in disgust with a fleet of ducks shadowing its progress along the bank.

Portuguese Water Dogs:

Portuguese Water Dogs, like Labrador Retrievers, were fishermen's dogs for centuries. As well as catching ropes, they also brought back fish which had escaped the nets.

Shar peis :

They are probably the oddest looking dogs we know today. They were developed for dog-fights, and their excessively loose and wrinkled skin, with its pig-like bristles, and their very small ears, did not give opponents much to grip.

Tibetan Spaniels :

Tibetan Spaniels were originally used to turn prayer wheels, act as sentinels, and be hot water bottles for their owners.

Tosa Mastiffs:

Tosa Mastiffs are a Japanese breed originally developed for ceremonial dog-fights. They were paraded during festivals dressed up in silk and gold blankets and controlled on the end of huge thick ropes.


The most perfect racing machine ever fashioned by man!!
They were bred by miners in Northern England for snap trails, the aim of which was to achieve the quickest kill of a rabbit in an enclosed area.

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