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Saturday, 24 September 2011


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs


Dogs have been used as hunting aids from earliest times.All over the world dogs were trained to find, flush, pursue or attack different prey. For example, the Patagonians hunted with the help of horses and dogs. The dogs were trained to seize the prey. In India a number of breeds such as Alangu Mastiff, Caravan Hound, Rampur Hound were extensively used by the nobility in the Mughal period to track down big games.
Gran Chako dogs, which lived on offal and scraps and inhabited the dens which they scrapped in the ground, were used in hunting Jaguars and peccary : they were noisy and persistent in nature which so aggravated the fleeing jaguar that it paused to deal with them, giving an opportunity to the hunters to catch up!
Eskimo dogs, apart from drawing sledges, were trained in detecting and hunting of seals. They could detect the seal's breathing holes in the ice, and also attack a bear from behind so that the hunter could easily harpoon it.
In Tierra del Fuego fox like dogs herded shoals of fish into their master's net and also stole edible birds' nest for their master.
In Samoa they trained very courageous dogs to check the progress of a fleeing pig by catching it by the ears, tail and shoulders so that the hunters could finish it off. 
The early Muslim invaders in India knew that elephants dreaded small, noisy animals, especially dogs, which they to divert a charge.

Here are some of more specialists :

AFGHAN HOUND : wolf, gazelle, leopard, jackal, fox.

AIREDALE          : bear, wolf, wild boar, stag, otter.

AKITA               : bear, deer.

BEAGLE             :(oversize ones in Ceylon and Venezuela) jaguar,leopard

BORZOI             : wolf coursing and throwing

BRAZILIAN TRACKER : jaguar tracking

BULL MASTIFF     : poachers (trained to throw down but not maul)

COONHOUNDS    : raccoon,stag,bear,op[ossum,cougar,wildcat

COURSING HOUND: coyote (American Great Plains)

FINNISH SPITZ    : polar bear,elk

GREAT DANE       : wild boar  

GREYHOUND       : stag,gazelle,wild boar, fox,hare( not to mention domestic                                              
                           cats and geese!)

HARRIER            : leopard (Ceylon), large cats (south america)

HOKKAIDOKEN    : bear (Japan)

IRISH WOLF HOUND : stag, wolf,coyote,wild boar


ALANGU MASTIFF   : (India ) bear,wolf,deer,leopards 

Raj Prateek Verma

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