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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Children and puppies

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

Breeds comfortable with Children

Children and dogs just naturally go together and there is no one breed that is better for children than the others. A very young child will tend to maul a small breed with loving hands and a larger breed may frighten a child with its boisterous nature. If at all a classification is required then here it is.

Toddlers               :  Spaniels, Scotty, Schnauzer

Growing boys       :  Collie, Retrievers, Labrador or similar breed would be excellent. I have personally experienced their excellent herding instinct which makes them a fine babysitter. They are large and easygoing so can tolerate manhandling.

Young boys          :  If there are a lot of young boys in the family, a Boxer, Dalmatian or one of the Terrier
breeds will be a good choice.

Breeds not compatible with kids :  Small breeds like Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Yorkshire terriers, Maltese terrier, Pekingese. They are usually short tempered and tend to snap at kids if handled roughly. They are comfortable in the the company of adults.

Children should be taught to respect the dog and give it the space necessary for comfortable living.

Some instructions which should be drilled into the young minds.

_ Never attempt to take away food when the dog is eating
_Never disturb a sleeping dog
_Never attempt to take away a toy from the dog
_Never attempt to take away a puppy from a nursing bitch
_Never allow a child to play with a tiny puppy
_Never allow the child to play with a stray dog
 Generally, children and dogs adapt well to one another and form a close bond of love. Most dogs will not harm children,seeming to realize their tenderness.

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