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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Balanced diet

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

Our pet should be provided with good and balanced food and not just any old rubbish, such as stale crusts of bread and cold potatoes. These type of food have no nutritional value and should be avoided. Carbohydrates 
and Protein are the most important ingredients of a balanced diet. A healthy, robust dog will be a delightful companion, loved by all and  pride of the owner.

Carbohydrates :

Carbohydrates are found in the wholesome cereals. Rice boiled with  a pinch of turmeric powder serves as a good source of carbohydrate .  These furnish the energy required by the muscles and can be called The Fuel food.

Protein          : 

Proteins help in forming muscle, building bones, feeding the brain, nerves, skin, coat, ensuring the correct functioning of digestive system and in fact , all of the working parts of the body. A correct balance between the carbohydrate and protein content of the dog's meal should be maintained.

Sources of protein:
1. Meat
4.Boiled egg
5.And of course Milk
6. pulses
7. I also add a few pieces of  Nutrela(brand name) which constitutes of soya, a great source of protein.


By feeding the dog with balanced diet, one is already providing the necessary vitamins automatically to keep the dog in healthy condition. Green vegetables are a great source of vitamins and should be added to the dog's diet on daily basis.

List of vitamins and their function

Vitamin A : Found in animal fat, cod liver and milk.
Vitamin B : Necessary for nervous system. Found in cereals, biscuits, egg and  fresh vegetables.
Vitamin C : Ensures blood purity. Found in fresh vegetables and fruits. Dogs should be encouraged to eat fresh fruits occasionally.
Vitamin D : Essential for growth and for building strong and sound bones. Cod liver oil , say a teaspoon ful  mixed with food of the dog will be enough to meet the requirement of vitamin D.
Vitamin E : Found in wheat, biscuits, eggs, meat and green vegetables.

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