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Thursday, 19 May 2011

How to choose a healthy puppy?

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

Ten important points to be remembered while choosing a puppy.

1. Check the eyes      :  They should be clear, bright and should not have any scars or light spots on the cornea.

2. The emphasis should be on well proportioned body. Avoid plump or extra large ones. The puppy should neither be fat nor thin. Pot bellied means WORMS.

3. Ears and nose        : They should not have any signs of discharge. It should not be shaking its head too much.

4. Skin                       : It should be clear with no rough spots. Scratching is a sign of parasites. The coat
                                   should be fluffy, glossy and oily. Any loss of hair suggests mange, fungus, worms
                                   or lice.

5.Teeth                       : They should be bright and clean. The gum should be light pink. White gums reflect

6. Diarrhoea               : Check the behind. There should be no stains suggesting diarrhoea. Diarrhoea
                                    signifies worm/parasites infection.

7. Deafness                : A slight click with your fingers behind the ears with no response indicates partial or
                                   total deafness. White coloured breeds are more susceptible to deafness.

8. NEVER choose a timid or shy puppy. Shyness indicates sickness. A healthy puppy is lively and hungry.

9. Bone structure       : It should be solid and without bumps in legs. Beware of puppies having knots in the

10. Size & breed       : The size and breed matters immensely when you want to buy a puppy. Larger breeds
                                   need more open space for exercise to remain healthy and happy. Smaller breeds are
                                   more suited to city life. Short-haired dogs survive better in tropical and sub tropical
                                  climates. It is better to cosunlt an expert before arriving at a decision.

Remember, you have taken a 10-year project on your hand. It is your responsibility to see that the puppy receives proper care and lots of loved. In return, it will devote all its love and loyalty to you throughout its life.!!

You be happy and your dog will remain happy.

Raj Prateek Verma

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