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Wednesday, 22 February 2012


The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs


The Foo Dog or Buddhist Lion dog was an imaginary 'keeper of the Jewel of Law', usually portrayed in porcelain or wood with a ball under one foot. It has a lion's mane, shaggy tail, and a head like a Pekingese.

9th century Dog Laws
Alfred the Great 'taught even falconers and dogkeepers their business and made laws specifying compensation if bitten by a dog. Welsh laws of the same period mention three kinds of cur (Mastiff, House and Shepherd's).

10th Century Dog Laws
A king's buck hound or covert-hound was valued at one pound and a greyhound at six score pence. In 1080 a greyhound was worth half a buck hound.

11th century Dog Laws
No mean person may keep grey hounds. Before the time of Magna Carta, the punishment for destroying a grey hound was the same as that for murdering a man.

The forest laws of Henry II
Only the privileged few could keep grey hounds or spaniels in the royal forests. Farmers and substantial free holders could keep mastiffs for the defense  of their homes, but only if the dogs were disabled so that could not chase and seize deers.

Shogun Tsunayushi
The Dog Shogun  of the late 17th century passed a law that all dogs must be addressed politely and treated kindly. He ended up caring for a hundred thousand dogs himself at the cost of the exchequer. The resulting inflation brought about the introduction of an unpopular tax levied on farmers.

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