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Friday, 21 October 2011

My Dog has grown old !

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs                                              My Dog has grown old !

My dog has grown old. That bundle of joy is no longer as exuberant as he used to be. Nowadays he sits by the corner when I reach home and doesn't come running to me wagging his tail nineteen to a dozen. I do miss all this but realize that he still feels very happy when he sees me after a gap but simply cannot muster enough strength to lift himself up. I really feel sorry for him. We had a very long and  happy association which I would cherish throughout my life. And it is certain a new dog will never be able to replace him.

When our pet grows old, he expects more care, love and understanding from his owner. His expectations are certainly not very high. He has loved and cared for his master and his family throughout his life and has asked virtually nothing in return other than love. It is now our duty to make his remaining life as comfortable as possible.


With age, the hair around the muzzle begins to whiten. The nerves and muscles of the hind legs are first to show signs of deterioration. The muscles may shake, as there is a gradual weakening of the legs. Sometimes there is partial paralysis of the rear legs.

Loss of hearing: One of the first senile changes is loss of hearing- usually before sight and smell. the poor dog will have difficulty detecting the direction of sounds. In city traffic it is dangerous to let the dog loose as he might not be able to apprehend the approaching vehicle. As he becomes old there might be a heavy coating of wax in his ears or ear mites may cause loss of hearing.

Loss of sight: Following deafness, eyesight usually begin to fail. The dog will stop wandering He will hesitate to walk in unfamiliar surroundings. The dog will come to rely more and more on his old, established surroundings. He will not want to be disturbed.

Constipation:  It is fairy common in older dogs because of lack of exercise and changes in metabolism.
Mild and gentle exercise and frequent outings on the grass will help. Such foods as bran cereal, liver, vegetables should be added to the dogs food ass they act as a laxative.

Rheumatism and Arthritis : Stiffness in the hindquarters is an early sign of approaching old age. An overweight dog more trouble moving about. After lying in one spot for a long period, he will tend to have trouble in getting up. Sometimes he will have to be helped. Sleeping in warm quarters is helpful in rheumatism and arthritis.  Cold and damp surfaces should be avoided at all costs.  ASPIRIN AND HEAT helps in relieving pain due to rheumatism and Arthritis.

As the dog gradually becomes deaf and partially blind, he will tend to be as close to his master as much possible. He will rely more on the most important person in his life.


1. Increased respiration with shortness of breath : Heart trouble

2. Coughing                                                       : Congestive heart failure

3. Fainting spells, sudden collapse, paralysis       : Heart, cerebral stroke

4. Increased thirst and urination                         : Nephritis (Kidney failure)

5. Halitosis                                                       : Bad teeth or gums

6. Urine odor from mouth                                 : Uremia

Periodic examinations by a vet will detect many ailments and diseases in the earliest stages. the old do has less resistance to ailments and diseases and his recovery time is slower. Periodic checkups will certainly prolong the life of the pet. The vet will discover in time what may be necessary to keep the animal healthy and alive.

Raj Prateek Verma            

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