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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Legend and Fable

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs


CAVALL - King Arthur's hound of the 'greatest mouth'.
HODAIN - faithful hound of banished Tristram


GELERT - Prince Liewelyn'n wolfhound, wrongfully killed by his master: a stone marks his grave near Snowdon.

GWYLLGI - the enormous dog of darkness


LUATH - Cuthullin's dog in FRINGAL, said to have been tied to a stone at Dunollie Castle.

MAUTHE DOG - Moddey Doo, the black spaniel which haunts Peel Castle on the Isle of Man and deters  soldiers from oaths and profanity.


LUDLUM'S DOG - of amazing laziness, lived in Mother Ludlum's cave.

SHONY DOG - Cornish dog which barks to warn of impending storms and danger

BARGHEST - the name given in Yorkshire to a monstrous goblin dog; such spectre-hounds appear in other regions under other names (the Demon of Tedworth, the Black Dog of Winchester, the Padfoot of Wakefield, the Trash of Lancashire, the Shock of Norfolk and Cambridge); it has its counterparts in the  Mauthe Dog, the Welsh Gweyllgi etc.


GARMR - awesome blood-spattered dog chained to the gate of Hell; when the world ended he broke free and fought Tyr, the god of war, and they killed each other.

RAKKE - little dog made king of the Danes but torn to pieces by hounds squabbling over his scraps.

SAURI - dog chosen as king of Norway, reigning for three years in place of the hated King Eystein; killed protecting a lamb from a wolf.


KASMIR - the dog of the seven sleepers, who kept watch for more than three hundred years.

TOBIT'S DOG - who went to heaven with Tobias.

SAMARA - watch dog and messenger for the great god INDRA, tracked the  cattle stolen by Panis from the
the gods.


PAN-HU  - the five -colored dog who married the Emperor's daughter and gave her twelve children

TIEN-KOW - the celestial dog that 'howls in the sky' and that causes the eclipse when it eats the sun or the moon.


XOLOTL - twin god of Quetzalcoatl, founded a new human race with bones from the underworld.


HERCULES or DRAGON - Montdidier's dog, who witnessed his murder and later attacked the muderer (Macaire) and fought a duel with him, pinning him by the throat, until he confessed the murder

MOUFLAR - a mastiff whose ears were cropped so that there was less of him to be bitten, a fact which made him fearless.

ROQUET - the faithful dog of St. Roch

Raj Prateek Verma

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