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Thursday, 8 September 2011


      Mudhol Hound/Caravan Hound

We have failed to give due respect and the right place to our indigenous breeds  which are on the verge of extinction. There are quite a few Indian breeds which can be compared   with respect to their character, utility ,temperament and great looks with any other foreign breed . It is our duty to see that such magnificent dogs are not lost forever.

Mudhol hound

It is an Indian breed, also known as CARAVAN HOUND.  There is also a feathered variety referred to as  PASHMI. It is generally found in Central and southern India and is used by village folks as hunting and guard dog.

History  :  It is an ancient breed, native to the Deccan Plateau of Western ,Central and Southern India. Its local name is CARVANI, anglicized to Caravan Hound when K.C.I recognized the breed.
The breed was probably brought by the Afghans to India through the Khyber Pass during the Mughal rule. The Afghans settled down in the Deccan during the Mughal period, therefore the dogs are found in the same area. A former ruler of Mudhol, Karnataka, gifted a pair to King George V  of England. Therefore the breed came to be known as Mudhol Hound. The breed was patronized by the Mughal rulers as guard dogs and were also used for hunting.

Looks :  It has a long and narrow muzzle. The jaws are long and powerful, with a scissors bite. The ears are short ,hanging closely to the skull. The eyes are large and oval. The neck is long and muscular.
The forelegs are long, straight and well boned. The back is long, broad and well muscled.

Height :  Males reach a height of 68 - 72 cm and the females can reach a height  of 64-68 cm (at the withers).

Temperament: A very good WORKING HOUND. It needs a lot of space and a great deal of exercise.  It has the capacity to work tirelessly for grueling hours in the most strenuous conditions. It has great physical strength and plenty of stamina. 
It is not a very friendly dog and very much wary of strangers. However, a Caravan should not be too aggressive and should adapt to other dogs and human beings. It should be treated with lot of love and respect otherwise it may develop into a nervous and sometimes, a vicious dog.

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