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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Signs of sick puppies

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

Vomiting            : This is a very common ailment among puppies. If your puppy has vomited more than two or three times in a day, it might be possible that he has swallowed a foreign object. As puppies are very curious by nature, they have a tendency to pick up and chew almost anything. Many a times, sharp objects like needles, pin, razor blades, ball are devoured by pups, causing vomiting accompanied with blood. The vet should be consulted immediately if vomiting persists.

Diarrhoea           : The cause of diarrhoea may be simply over feeding or teething. In case of acute intestinal disorder, intestinal parasites may be the reason. Sometimes, improper hygiene can also lead to diarrhoea.

Loss of appetite : If a puppy refuses a feeding, food should be taken away from him and offered to him after a duration of one to two hours. If he still refuses to eat, a vet must be consulted immediately as a puppy cannot survive without food for more than 8 hours. He will dehydrate, weaken and go into a shock very quickly.

Lethargy         : A puppy may become listless if the diet given to him is in adequate or lacks in nutritional value. A proper and balanced diet with vital vitamin supplements is a must for a healthy puppy.

Intestinal parasites or worms may also cause a puppy to become listless. Its stool should be examined and proper de-worming medicine should be administered, of course after consulting the vet. A sick pup should never be given medicine for worms

Ricket             : It is caused due to a deficiency of calcium and phosphorous. Vitamin A and D will help to combat this problem. Bow-legged, large knots of bones at the leg joints are the symptoms.

Other signs of sickness: 1. Coughing
                                               2: Running nose and eyes
                                               3. Fever

if the above symptoms persist, your pup is really sick and proper medical treatment is a must.

Raj Prateek Verma

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