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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Amusing Dogs

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs

It is said  that the dog is the closest animal to humans and that it makes us  laugh  more than any other. Some dogs are amusing simply because  of their appearance. The Chinese hailess dog, for instance, with the strange tuft of hair on the its head and naked body, or the Shar-Pei, buried in great folds, are both naturally funny. Some mongrels, perhaps half Labrador Retriever half heaven knows what, can be very amusing to look at. But the more the dog makes us laugh the more we love it. After all a mongrel is unique; it is impossible to find two the same!

We also find the dog's ability to copy the actions of humans amusing; it can carry the newspaper, get car sick, lean out of a window or open a door. And emotionally, too, they imitate us; they can get in a bad mood and sulk; they can give you a melting look; be playful, irritating and and as annoying to their masters as small children can be to their parents.

Irresistibly lovable at times when they look their worse; getting out of water for instance, wet, bedraggled and miserable and having lost all their panache and nobility.

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