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Monday, 18 February 2013

Dog Dictionary

The more I see of humans, The more I love Dogs


Most of the words and phrases including 'dog' are derogatory which is unfair to dogs !!

Dog - and- Driver Chuck : - In 1863 a drill piece described as a very common and exceedingly useful chuck known also as the carrier chuck.

Dog-ape                            : - Baboon with dog-like head.

Dog-Basket                       : - Old slang for a container for scraps for the dogs.

Dog before the master      : - Nautical term for a sea swell.

Dog-belt                             : - Broad waist belts used by miners foe hauling.

Dogberry                            : - An ignorant, self-satisfied, overbearing but good natured night           watchman in Shakespeare's' Much Ado About Nothing' . Hence an officious and ignorant Jack -in-office.

Dog-Biscuit                         : - Army mattress. 

Dogbolt                                : - Term of contempt.

Dog-Booby                          : - Awkward lout.

Dog-Buffer                           : - Dog stealer in the old days (he sold the skins and fed the carcass to the other dogs )

Dogcart                                : - Cart for carrying sporting dogs (rather than a cart drawn by dogs), later a two wheeled horse - drawn trap with seats back to back.

Dog cheap                            : - Extremely cheap !

Dog collar                             : - Clerical or woman's stiff collar.

Dog Days                              : - Period when the Dog Star rises and sets with the sun (usually 3 July to 11 August)

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